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Biamax by Oikos is a decorative paint for interior with fillers of a selected grain size. The product is based on acrylic resins in water dispersion and has a low environment impact. It is vapour permeable and extremely resistant to abrasion and is available in the version 03 (grain size max 0.3 mm.) and 07 (grain size max 0.7 mm.)

Biamax thanks to its notable coverage, can be used directly as coloured finish to create an irregular, antique wall decoration but can also be used as a preparatory product on which to create splendid decorative effects. Biamax 07 thanks to its larger grain size, can also be used as White or coloured finished plaster. Biamax has excellent coverage, has good filling qualities, is non in-flammable and is friendly to both human and the environment.
Biamax Colour Chart


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