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Aureum by Oikos is a decorative finish with a Golden tone created using lime putty and Golden powder with a low environmental impact. The shades of Aureum derive from the colours of Earth and the warm tones of nature; combining elements from specific historical research with a deep understanding of contemporary technology,

has made it possible to give rise to a product with a regal, Golden properties that adapt themselves to both modern and traditional settings. The product makes it possiblet to achieve precious and elegant finishes in various Golden tones, according to the sources of light and the angle at which the surface is looked at, lavish patterns on a Golden texture, furthermore, the vivaciousness of the Golden reflections lights up the wall, giving it the setting an unmistakeable elegance with silky sensation to the touch. Aureum is regal alchemy, Gold on walls. The product is non inflammable and friendly to both human and the environment.
Aureum Colour Chart


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